Solar Lantern


Solar panel: 0.6W

LED : 1pc ,0.5W, 60lumens (Netural led color : Pure white ) LED life span: +50000hrs

Charging Method : Solar power /Universal USB charge

Charging time : 6-8hrs

Battery: 600mah li-ion polymer battery

Material: PC + ABS

IP level :55

Working Temperature :-25℃ to 65℃

6 months warranty :

Place the switch to gear 1 : LED with half bright ,can be used as night lamp.

Place the switch to gear 2 : LED with high bright ,can be used as lantern or table lamp.



Solar Power Bank


Solar panel:6W

Battery:Li-ion polymer battery,2500mAH 1PCS

Charging Method :Solar power/ External Micro port input

Charging Time :8hrs/4.5hrs

LED :4PCS Blue LED Battery Indicator /1PCS Φ5mm LED flash light

Flash light beam angle :30 degree

LED lifetime :More than 50000hrs

Max power:4PCS LED battery indicator

MICRO USB:Charging port 5V 1A Input

USB 2.0 A Port :Out put port,Output 5V 1A ,Long press to turn on the flshlight .



Solar Lantern


Solar panel: Mono crystalline silicon,17% efficiency, 10 years

Li-ion battery : 4000mAh, 1000 cycles

LED : 300lm, 50,000Hrs

Lighting mode : Switch: Touch on/off/dimmable, Dim/Middle/High

Material: Aluminum Alloys +ABS

Waterproof : ip65

Lighting time :4Hrs bright light, 40Hrs dim light, Full charged

Product size : 302*88*25mm(folded), 302*88*96mm(opened) )

Unit : mm


  • Smart foldable design.
  • Aluminum and ABS body.
  • Hand touch switch with dimmable lighting.
  • Opened as table study light.
  • Folded as lantern or hanging light.
  • Portable for camping, travelling.
  • 1 year warranty.


House wall light,Studying table light,Outdoor camping or travelling light,Hand hanging light,Emergency tool light.